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Who are our volunteers, #ДрузьяЗаповедногоКрыма (#FriendsOfCrimeanProtectedAreas)?

They are doctors, athletes, sales managers, cooks, interpreters, trolley drivers, senior citizens, your neighbours and just concerned people.

These are people who generously devote their free time, experience, knowledge to help with preservation of the protected areas and maintenance of their territories.

Friends of “Crimean Protected Areas” show that love for nature has no particular occupation, place to live in and any boundaries. And we sincerely thank them!

Last week the most active volunteers of “Crimean Protected Areas” got their personal volunteer passports at the gala in the main office of the joint directorate.

Participation in events and volunteer achievements are recorded in the passports.

Remember that any part of Planet Earth is worth becoming a reserve.

New volunteers are always welcome in “Crimean Protected Areas”. The protected areas need help of different kinds, including assistance at cleanups and events.

Photographers and other artists are welcome too!

All volunteers are appreciated by nature and “Crimean Protected Areas”. Are you ready to join us?

Becoming a friend of “Crimean Protected Areas” is easy!
Send a message to ekoprosvet@gmail.com ant get the application and a guide for our future volunteers.